About us

Why Johnn Johnn’s? The origin of the name dates back to my childhood where I was affectionately known by the nickname Johnn Johnn by family and friends. The name stemming from my childhood seemed only fitting for the name of a business that hopes to bring some of that child-like energy and optimism into this new Gelato business.

For me, it was only right that my partner-in-crime, Yianni Stefanidakis would embark as my business partner on this new venture. Yianni, whose name also translates to John, coincidentally already came prepared with the perfect namesake to fit our business.

We chose Darwin CBD as our initial location as we both hold Darwin close to our hearts. As passionate supporters of local business and as members of the community, we wished to bring a premium product to our fellow Territorians.

When we first tasted the gelato in Adelaide, we knew instantly the quality was second to none! Soft, creamy textures coupled with bold flavours had us hooked and we knew then and there that we had to bring it back home for our friends and family to share. We understand the market that we are entering and are excited to watch the local economy grow and prosper. We have faith in the people of Darwin, and are overwhelming humbled, every day, by the support we have received and are receiving from our family, friends, and the public.

- Johnn Koenig & Yianni 'John' Stefanidakis